Train in the Practice of JAMP™ and Mythodrama and Become a JAMP™ Transformational Coach

JAMP™ Transformational Coaches work with all types of problems, including (but not limited to) trauma, anxiety, negative self-image, and self-defeating behaviors and thoughts. A JAMP™ Transformational coach will typically work very closely with their clients to help guide them back to their true authentic selves, usually via 90-minute JAMP™ sessions.

JAMP™ Transformational Coaches are responsible for learning as much as they can about their client and their internal psychic life. With this background information, they can then understand what conflicts and traumas their clients are struggling with, and tailor their JAMP™ sessions accordingly to better suit their client’s needs.

Are you a teacher, therapist, human resource leader, or in any other related profession and believe you would like to learn how to run Mythodrama sessions? Do you think that the use of Mythodrama principles to resolve conflicts within your own workplace would be beneficial? Dr. Lahab Al-Samarrai is currently accepting applications. Inquiries for personalized training sessions for individuals or groups can be made through the form below.

Our mission is to transform the understanding of violence and conflict in our culture and in the world by the exploration of our biased narratives which perpetuate those conflicts. We believe it is important for all professionals to raise their awareness and understanding of the psychology of the conflict’s oriented narratives.