Thank you for your interest! Let us begin your journey in Jungian Advanced Motor Processing™ (JAMP™) as developed by Lahab Al-Samarrai, Ph.D., LMHC, LPC, BCPC.

This treatment has been studied and is known to be highly effective in reducing the following negative effects of dis-regulated emotional states and psychological disorders: Anger, Sadness, Numbness, Confusion, Worry, Fear, Hurt, Negative Beliefs, Disbelief, Rage, Anxiety, Minimization, Denial, Pain, Revulsion, Guilt, Shame, Betrayal, Withdrawal, Embarrassment, Jealousy, Despair, Self-Blame, Doubt, Revenge, Dissociation, Shame, Trauma, Complex Trauma, PTSD, Anxiety, Body Image, Stress, Negative Thinking Patterns, Negative Self Talk, Self-Hate, Panic attacks, Panic Disorder, Sexual Trauma, Physical Trauma, Childhood Abuse, Childhood Sexual Abuse, Phobias, Body Dysmorphic Disorder, Eating Disorders, Disturbing Thoughts & Memories, Flashbacks, Dissociative Disorders, Psychosomatic Disorders, Transitioning off of Psychotropic Medications, Sleep Disturbances, Self-Esteem and Self Defeating Behaviors.


Mythodrama uses the creative process to bring the stories and identities which are unconscious into our conscious mind, so that they can be transformed and we can find new solutions to current conflicts.

Mythodrama is a drama and art-based group therapy procedure and a conflict resolution methodology that uses the creative process to access the inner narratives of a person or group. This allows the professional to illuminate and understand the unconscious processes (hidden conflicts) and how that creates the conscious conflicts. The illumination of those conflicts helps create many new solutions.