Is there a situation in your school that has become unmanageable?

Do you have a class of youth or children who want to perform better as a cohesive group?

Is there an undercurrent of bullying in your school and you want to intervene in a psychologically supported way?

The JAMP™ Training Institute will work with your school to analyze the class dynamics and the students and put together a set of sessions. These highly effective sessions will serve as interventions that will provide methods to tackle problems of: verbal or physical violence, bullying, stress, a poor class climate, or disciplinary difficulties. The goal of the JTI and Dr. Lahab Al-Samarrai is to support constructive and creative problem solving within schools in the Greater Seattle Area. Solutions created through the JTI program can be continuously implemented and maintained long after the intervention has taken place.

We work within the classroom and throughout the school to find the solutions and inspire the transformative effects that resolving conflicts can and will illuminate. We also train and teach school staff, teachers, and administration to implement meditation and counseling long after the intervention has taken place.

We can work within individual classrooms and help teachers with individual students in regards to their behavioral and psychological conflicts. We also train teachers in techniques of student stress reduction and classroom management.

We are happy to discuss the wide range of commitment and time allowances that are reasonable for your school. We will teach students to deal with their own class structures, behavior patterns, and to develop their own coping skills. The intervention team can be prepared and operational within a very short period of time, depending on your needs.