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Interested in becoming a Certified JAMP™ Transformational Coach?

Participants in this training program become certified as a JAMP™ Transformational Coach, which involves helping people with integrating themselves and their lives by bringing about the internal changes that promote necessary adjustments in their outer lives. Instead of changing how they behave and act in the world, JAMP™ Transformational Coaching clients work on changing the very things that keep them from seeing themselves and their unlimited potential. This might involve changing their distorted self-image, or perceptions about themselves and their restrictions.

This program is devised to teach an in-depth understanding of Jungian psychology, as well as how to master the fundamentals of the Jungian Advanced Motor Processing™ treatment that was developed by Dr. Lahab Al-Samarrai in May, 2020.

This treatment, which was developed in the midst of the COVID-19 epidemic, uses advanced hypnotic techniques to stimulate the right brain/left brain connection, strengthening the connection between the two hemispheres. This in turn helps the person release traumatic images, sensations of discomfort, pain, negative thoughts, and self-defeating dialogue that developed due to one or more traumatic events.

Understanding the complexes that Jung also called archetypes will help illuminate where splinters of trauma embed themselves. Traumatic events force the internal defenses to split the trauma into fragments so they can be internalized in the psyche. Traumatic fragments are absorbed into the complexes, which by their nature have evolved to defend us against complete psychic fragmentation. The Complexes are autonomous in nature meaning they act independent of the Ego control. When trauma is triggered due to an emotion, thought, image, smell, sound or a touch, the complex takes over the Ego and becomes a watcher that is helpless to intervene, somewhat like a theater goer who is strapped in their chair watching themselves on the screen like a movie.

JAMP™ Treatment helps release and integrate these splinter images from the complexes by using hypnotic techniques, which help release the image fragments that are held in the complexes. Once these fragmented images are released, they are understood by the Psyche as a symbol and can be integrated. The process in which we interact and receive information with our environment is thus: it starts as a stimulus that elicits an emotion/reaction that is transformed into a feeling that becomes a thought then it is transformed into a symbol that is integrated into the psyche. Thus, trauma follows a path where an emotion such as fear, rage, or a stimulus for example a sound or image that is caused by the traumatic event is dissociated in the complexes, because the traumatic event is so chaotic and terrifying to our Psyche it must dissociate.

Jungian Advanced Motor Processing™ helps reintegrate what was once raw and unintegrated disturbing material brought on by the trauma. The integration process starts a deep change in the individual’s Psyche a process of profound integration, what Jung would call Individuation. Thus, the person will be able to be in their bodies and not dissociated from their bodies. Through the ability to be in one’s own body and not dissociated, the person can finally experience inner harmony and begin to heal.

As children, adolescents, and adults, many of us have had conflictual and traumatic experiences that have remained with us. These conflicts and traumas are usually unique to every individual, but as individuals we all have complexes. For example, a father complex and a mother complex are structures in the psyche that are there in part to protect and defend us, but these complexes are autonomous in nature. Thus, the complex can wreak havoc on us.

Psychotherapy is limited when it comes to the treatment of trauma due to the complexes, their defense mechanisms, and their autonomous nature. JAMP™ treatment addresses the complexes and their resistance to transformation.

If you are an individual seeking a JAMP™ Transformational Coaching career, you should have a few important characteristics. First of all, you should be a spot-on expert in both verbal and non-verbal communication and be able to be empathetic, inspire, understand, grow, give hope, and be transformational.

What is the purpose of this training?

This program is devised to teach an in-depth understanding of Jungian psychology, as well as how to master the fundamentals of the Jungian Advanced Motor Processing™  treatment that was developed by Dr. Lahab Al-Samarrai in May, 2020.

What do JAMP™ Transformational Coaches do?

JAMP™ Transformational Coaches work with all types of problems, including (but not limited to) trauma, anxiety, negative self-image, and self-defeating behaviors and thoughts. A JAMP™ Transformational coach will typically work very closely with their clients to help guide them back to their true authentic selves, usually via 90-minute JAMP™ sessions.

JAMP™ Transformational Coaches are responsible for learning as much as they can about their client and their internal psychic life. With this background information, they can then understand what conflicts and traumas their clients are struggling with, and tailor their JAMP™ sessions accordingly to better suit their client’s needs.

Where do JAMP™ Transformational Coaches work?

In general, the majority of JAMP™ Transformational Coaches work as self-employed individuals and work with clients either in person or remotely through videoconferencing capability. Eventually they may choose to open their own private practice, or join a private practice.

What are the educational background / requirements for this training?

The process of becoming JAMP™ Transformational Coach requires you to have a Masters in Science, Mental Health, Psychology, Social Work, Counseling, or another related field. Other professionals who have doctoral degrees, extensive experience coaching, or are in graduate programs in the field are also welcomed.

General Course Information

Instructors: Dr. Lahab Al-Samarrai, Dr. Karen Appel, Dr. Eric Tomlinson, Dr. Lisa Hong, Sarah Wortman, Taylor Barnett & Virginia (Gigi) Alcalde

Lecture Times: Learn at your own pace with our online video format!

CEU’s: 150 Hours

Certification provided after completion of all required hours.